Maximize Participation With Multi-Format UGC Contests

When brainstorming for their next big promotion, our clients often ask if we suggest running a photo, video or essay contest.  While each entry method has it’s own unique benefits, our Multi-Format UGC Contests empower the user to decide.

First, let’s take a look at some pros and cons for each entry type –

Photo Entries

  • Pro:  Nearly everyone has a camera phone in their pocket and are ready to take a photo at any moment
  • Con:  Given the ease at which someone can snap a quick photo, the quality of submissions may not be as high as video entries
    BB Photo

Video Entries

  • Pro:  Video entries are often the most dynamic and engaging entries
  • Con:  Some users may lack time, the know-how or tools to create a video.  This could potentially reduce the number of submissions.  The good news is that with the proliferation of smartphones with video cameras the barrier is lower than ever.
    GoPro Video


  • Essay / Text Entries

    • Pro:  By not requiring a media type, essays generally offer the lowest barrier to entry of any contest format
    • Con:  An essay contest will not include any user submitted visual content that can be aggregated or repurposed by your brand and they are not as engagingFrigo Essay






As you can see, all three forms of user-generated content entry can play a crucial role in meeting the objectives of your next promotion.  With Votigo’s Multi-Format UGC Contests, you can ensure that your users can choose how they would like to participate and ultimately maximize the engagement of your audience.


Great Valentine’s Day Promotions Ideas from Air Canada and Blue Buffalo

Share the love!  Here are a couple of great Valentine’s Day Promotions ideas to reward your loyal customers as well as attract new ones.
Love is in the Air Contest from Air Canada
Love is in the air, officially. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Air Canada is kicking off a special book to win contest for travel agents. From Feb. 8 to 14, when you book your clients a flight within Canada or between Canada and the US for travel up to and including June 22, 2016, you’ll have a chance to win great prizes.

Has Your Furry Friend Captured Your Heart?  Run a Valentine’s Promotion!

Blue Buffalo has launched a very creative Valentine’s Day Card Maker sweepstakes site. Create a special Valentine’s Day card featuring your furry friend and spread the love to your family and friends on social media!

Share the card with #BluesBesties on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you’ll be eligible to receive a FREE bag of BLUE Be Mine Bars® – Cupid’s own tasty baked treats no pup can resist – or tasty BLUE cat treats.

They’ll randomly select winners to receive treats for their furry friend leading up to Valentine’s Day!  Entry period begins on February 10th, 2016 and ends on February 14th, 2016 – Valentine’s Day!

After you’ve created your own card be sure to browse the gallery to see everybody’s favorite Valentines.


The Secret to Stunning Visual Content

“Use high-quality, engaging images to make your brand stand out.” You may have read something like that before, and it’s the truth. But what exactly does that mean? What exactly is it that makes an image high-quality and engaging? Well, if you’re asking those same questions, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out the secret to stunning visual content.

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