5 Key Qualities of a Strong Social Media Strategy

Due to its rising popularity, social media has already become a powerful tool for the business of any industry to connect and interact with its audience. According to recent research, social media accounts for over 34% of the time people spend on the Internet, which stimulates more and more stores and brands to go online for the audience to widen and increase their awareness. That is why social media strategy is now a crucial part of digital marketing.

In this article, we will analyze the key points of applying the social media marketing strategy to the business and provide you with some useful tips on how to create an efficient social strategy for your business development plan. 


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Social Media Strategy: Why It Matters?

First of all, it is greatly important to find out the main reasons and benefits of creating the social media strategy, and the first one we would like to point out is that billions of people use it. Having created the correct plan for your social account or business development can significantly boost your business promotion. 

Secondly, planning all the steps in advance is easier to stay competitive in any industry. Also, it is a great method for interacting with your audience, improving website traffic, and sales revenue. Last but not least, it supplements your website by supplying a stable number of visitors and increasing the audience as well. 

Now, let’s talk in numbers: over 90% of the Instagram audience say that they start following the brand, going to its website, or make a purchase there. Over 90 million small businesses use Facebook for their e-commerce. And up to 69% of users watch a video about the product on YouTube to think over purchasing. 

Impressive, isn’t it?

Key Tips for Creating a Strong Social Strategy

1) Create S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

To make your strategy efficient, it should meet the criteria of being:

  • S is for specific – targeted to a certain audience;
  • M is for measurable – aimed at income increasing;
  • A is for attainable – close to reality, those that can be actually achieved;
  • R is for relevant – based on real information and statistics;
  • T is for time-bound – measured with the deadlines so as to track the progress. 

If used properly, these S.M.A.R.T. goals can significantly help you to create a powerful strategy for your business. 

2) Know Your Audience

By knowing your audience it is much easier to understand the core idea of your strategy, as it is oriented at the final consumer of your business. That means that you can interact with your audience via social media accounts in the exact way they want you to do. In addition, it is an important point for turning your followers into customers for your business. 

For this purpose, the most common metrics analyzed are location, age, interests, occupation, and even average income. After pointing out the needs and wants of your audience, it would be much easier to get their attention on the Internet and boost your interaction. 

3) Analyze the Competitors

Sometimes when your mind is blank on what are the lack points of your social media strategy, it is quite useful to feel yourself in consumers’ shoes by going to your competitors’ pages. Point out the features you like and dislike about their account, which you would like to redo, and which one would be better to apply to your own account? Then make a short comparison of what are the strong and the lack sides of both your and competitors’, after what we strongly recommend to take a sheet of paper and write all these ideas, even the most unusual ones. 


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This list may become a huge booster for your improving strategy, so do not miss it!

4) Create Unique Content

One of the key points of the social strategy is to make enthralling and memorized content that will be catching the audience’s attention and help you to develop their interest in your product. Of course, it shouldn’t be too large and boring, so we recommend you to stick to the KISS principle (Keep It Short and Simple). Also, it is a great option to use some help from the Essay Writer Pro, so as to increase your content efficiency. 

According to Forbes, well-planned content is one of the keys to building successful strategies in social media, as in such a way you are more likely to meet all the requirements of your audience and establish a close connection with it. 

5) Promote Your Idea

However, it is now enough to make the points mentioned above, as it is also essential to make an effective promotion plan to make everything work out. That means you also have to mind the ads that can be applied to your business and how to operate it. For example, by knowing the preferences of your audience you can easily make a targeted ad on Facebook or Instagram because it is more likely to meet your consumer via advertising on social media. 


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For instance, make a short video of your product, its benefits, or cases where it can be helpful so to present it to the potential consumer. It is discovered that over 30% of people would like to watch the videos of the product before thinking over its purchase. Thus, applying the video content to your social media ads can be also a good point to include in your strategy.


All in all, the social media strategy nowadays is an irregular tool which can greatly boost your business and stay competitive in any industry. Here we have presented the main reasons for creating your own strategy and added 5 efficient ways for you to include while making it. These methods can be applied to any social network so there is no need for worrying.

Without any doubt, we recommend you to create your social media development plan immediately and check its efficiency on your own. 

Our team wishes you good luck with it!