3 Takeaways From Facebook Marketing Conference

Today was Facebook Marketing Conference in New York. An incredible collection of marketers from brands, agencies, developers and platforms filled the American Museum of Natural History to share inspiring stories of success on Facebook, and hear the latest updates- a stirring set of new offerings and features that they hope will make “Marketing on Facebook feel like the right of Facebook,” in the words of Mike Hoefflinger, Facebook Director of Global Business Marketing. (He also called Timeline a “big fat storytelling canvas” and showed some tremendous examples, from Starbucks and Walmart to Red Bull and Kia.)

It was awesome. It was inspiring. It was a tremendous reminder that Facebook continues to serve as the most comprehensive social destination for brand and audience interaction- and that Timeline is the new “Mission Control for your Company.”

But what does it mean for you?

Above all, it means that Branding and Promotions are alive and well on Facebook. There are new features to adapt to, and new offerings to help you reach more people. But the fundamentals- Facebook as a channel for engaging directly with your customers, giving them offers, gathering their impressions of your brand through user-generated content- haven’t changed.

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Summary:You can still engage your audience on Facebook by creating and running promotions. All Votigo-powered promotions will work as you designed them. New features make it even easier to direct your audience to promotions and apps. And Like-Gating is still an effective, available feature for engaging audiences who visit your timeline page.

What Changed: Facebook announced that in 30 days, all brand Pages will be transitioned to the new Timeline, or as Facebook calls it, “Mission Control for your Business.” You can begin setting up your Timeline immediately.

What It Means: As Preferred Developers, Votigo has anticipated this change and taken all efforts to ensure that our Platform, and all live and created promotions, will perform as you designed them. We’ll continue to track new Facebook Timeline developments to ensure that your campaigns are seamless. More importantly, your Timeline will strengthen your connection to your audience.

What Changed: Facebook is focused on Storytelling (as opposed to Advertising); in fact, they call Timeline “a big, fat, storytelling canvas.” The new Timeline view emphasizes your brand’s visual imagery (a Cover Photo of product and customers), milestones in your company’s history, and direct engagement with your followers (through the new Message feature.)

What It Means: Promotions and other apps definitelycontinue to be a big part of Faecbook brand marketing; in fact, they may be more important than ever for engaging your audience, drawing them to your new Timeline page, and creating a long-term relationship.

What Changed: There is no longer a default landing tab setting for users to hit a specific tab or app on your Page; they will visit your Timeline first. The tabs are now more visual, with photo icons, just below the Cover Photo.

What It Means:Two new, important features make it simple to direct visitors to your tabs. First, you can highlight posts on your Timeline. (Hover over the upper right corner of a published post and click on the star icon to “Highlight” a post.) And you can upload a Custom Tab Image. (Click “Admin Panel” on Timeline; click on the arrow next to the tabs below the Cover Photo; Hover over the pencil for any Apps you want to change, and click “Edit Settings.”)

So launch a promotion. Write a post about your Promotion, and give it a unique image to draw visitors to it. Many examples and case studies at fMC showcased user-generated photos and videos, and the biggest takeaway might be that, while some features have changed, the opportunity to engage your audience on Facebook has not.

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Twitter and Instagram Sweepstakes

Neiman Marcus launched a sweepstakes to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Christian Louboutin shoes, leveraging the viral, visual combo of Twitter and Instagram to create a first-of-its-kind viral promotion that is a case study in using fan-favorite social platforms to engage an audience. The Votigo-powered cross-platform promotion collects user-generated photos through March 10 and displays them on the Neiman Marcus blog and Facebook page.

Three important takeaways if you plan to run a visually-charged Twitter sweepstakes:

It is important to know your audience. Make sure your followers have a passion for photography (often using their mobile camera) and a willingness to share their art via Twitter. Instagram has a natural alignment with consumer brands – from retailers to luxury goods to labels. (Wrote@nickwestergaard in January, “Fashion and beauty brands with obvious visual appeal have planted flags here as well, such as Burberry and Aveda.”)

Accommodate all users. While Instagram carries a certain prestige among photo sharing apps among iPhone-carrying Twitter users, others- especially Yfrog, TwitPic and Twitter’s own pic.Twitter- also each capture a huge share of Twitter photo posts. So a photo-driven Twitter sweeps must accommodate each of these- as Neiman Marcus’ does.

A Unique Call To Action. In order capture and qualify the virally-driven flood of entries that a well-designed promotion (with a perfectly fitting prize) should deliver, make sure to require unique attributes in the original tweet. The Neiman Marcus sweeps requires the entrant to use both brands’ Twitter handles (@NeimanMarcus and @LouboutinWorld) as well as the unique hashtag #NMLoubiLove – which also makes it easy to check out all the action on Twitter.

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