Create A Social Media Marketing Plan

It is worthwhile to create a social media marketing plan to determine your goals and objectives when marketing on social media. Your goals may include expanding your audience, creating engaging content, increasing your brand visibility, or increasing sales.  Whatever your goals may be it is critical to establish a timeline for executing your social promotions and achieving your goals.

Research is an important step in the planning process.  Once you have established your marketing goals, take the time to define your target audience and then find out where they hang out.  What type of social media does your audience gravitate to and what kind of information and content are they responding to. It is also a good idea to research what your fans and customers are saying about your competitors, as well as the dialogue that may already be going on about your own brand or business. It is important to know how your brand or business is perceived in the social media world in order to make improvements and tailor your marketing strategy to fit their needs.

After the research process you should have an even better idea of what your goals should be and how you can make these goals a reality.  At this stage it is important to communicate with those who will be involved in the social media marketing efforts. Designate a team of people who will be accountable for carrying out the promotion.  Make sure everyone in the company has clear line of site to the goals of the campaign and understands their responsibility in achieving these goals.

Once you have done your research and established measurable goals for marketing on social media, it is time to choose which media channels to utilize.  Choose wisely, more is not always better.  It is more important to choose the channels where your target audience is and the ones that will coincide best with your marketing goals.  Remember, being constantly active and timely on social media is one of the most important ways to market successfully.  This becomes more difficult as you add additional channels to your marketing plan.  It is neither practical nor efficient to try to participate in all of them.  So find where your target audience is, choose the best social media channels for your brand or business, and then start the ongoing conversation that is happening now on social media.



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