Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program

Yesterday Facebook announced the Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program, merging the Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) and Marketing API programs. PMD is a huge indicator of the commitment Facebook is making to developers and platforms like Votigo. And it’s an important signal to brands and businesses about the most important components of marketing on Facebook.

Facebook has fostered an ecosystem of developers almost as long as it has allowed brands to create Pages. We’re thrilled to see the evolution of the ecosystem. It’s the latest in a series of momentous changes this year that renew Facebook as the hub of social marketing. And it shows that Facebook is doubling down on the model of companies like Votigo partnering with businesses and brands like yours to innovate, introduce new technology, and help you reach your marketing goals within the Facebook brand experience.

We are truly cross-platform, the leading technology provider of marketing and promotions on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, mobile and all other social channels. Yet we are as committed as ever to growing and innovating with our customers on Facebook. There is still so much opportunity, and our customers are investing in social marketing as a strategic, always-on software service that bolsters their entire marketing plan.

Votigo powered our first promotion on Facebook in August, 2008. We became one of the early PDCs in March, 2010. Apps, and especially promotions apps like UGC contests and sweepstakes, have always been our focus, and the centerpiece of marketing activity on Facebook. To this day, nothing beats a photo contest for inspiring user-generated content and viral sharing among followers. Their impact has only expanded since the Timeline layout rolled out last month (Timeline makes apps more visually engaging, inside and out.)

We are proud to sport the PMD badge for Apps. We’re excited to keep collaborating with world-class brands and agencies, and small business and start-ups alike, on Apps and beyond. Contact us to learn about our full-service capabilities or create a Votigo account to begin building promotions and marketing apps on your own.

The tools for engaging your audience on Facebook have never brought you closer to the consumer than they do now. Let’s get started.


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