New Sweepstakes Examples to Inspire Your Next Promotion

Live examples of campaigns that are using Votigo’s technology are a great way to understand how our platform works. They can also help inspire you as you plan your next promotion! This week, we’re excited to share two new sweepstakes examples from AccuWeather and Hess Collection, because they represent the different ways you can use Votigo’s sweepstakes applications to generate leads and activate your audience.

Sweepstakes are a great way to grow your marketing database and drive brand awareness. Since they usually only require users to complete a quick registration form in order to enter, their barrier to entry is low, which means your chance of engagement is high. Let’s see how AccuWeather and Hess Collection are making our Sweepstakes applications work for them!

AccuWeather Ready Spring Sweepstakes and Instant Win

AccuWeather Sweepstakes

Over the last two years, Votigo has helped AccuWeather achieve their specific brand awareness objectives by running Instant Win Sweepstakes. The primary goal of these sweepstakes is to drive positive brand affinity and, more importantly, establish AccuWeather as the leader and authority in their industry. Built by Votigo’s talented Full-Service Development Team, this campaign features a viral refer-a-friend incentive, social sharing functionality and mobile optimization.

Hess Collection Be SELECTive Sweepstakes 

Hess Collection SweepstakesIn their sweepstakes, Hess Collection is inviting their fans to enter to win a gift card that they can use towards the creation of a perfect Spring dinner party. Along with providing a great way for the brand to grow their marketing database, this particular concept does a great job at positioning the brand in a place of relevance when it comes to elevated entertaining. That goes a long way when it comes to brand affinity! Also built by Votigo’s Talented Full-Service Development Team, this campaign features newsletter opt-in functionality, custom drop-down options within registration and mobile optimization.

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