10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

Facebook has grown from a social network to one of the most effective business tools. For the past few years, it has incorporated multiple ways to push your business forward. It promotes direct interaction with your customers; you are no longer a faceless, abstract company, but instead real people who communicate with their clients. Facebook has made the creation of a Company identity a must for everyone. Every time customers visit a new site, they look for the social networks to check and follow. Brand identification increases loyalty, attracts more clients and promotes rapid growth of a business.Blog-Facebook-Marketing-Tips-for-Advertising


Today, Facebook is a strong tool that can boost your revenue if you use it correctly. A wise strategy and open attitude to available options allow you to apply various marketing tools to run your business. With 1.7 billion of registered users and more than 1 billion daily users, Facebook is an incredibly valuable platform to lead a business with. Nevertheless, to attract even the smallest part of its audience, you need to understand how to optimize your strategy and make it work for you. In this article, we are going to cover 10 of the most useful marketing tips for running a business using Facebook. Get ready to experiment!

  1.    It is not only about ads

Do you want to make advertisements work you for? Forget about posting only ad posts. Do you remember how TV ad blocks irritated you when you were watching your favorite TV series? The same is the case with social networks. Remember to mix your ad posts with informative and engaging content. Consider jokes, educational posts, hilarious tests and giveaways. You must understand the principles of successful blogging and your Facebook profile won’t look like just another advertisement page. A good idea is to choose informative content related to your business. For example, if you sell cosmetics, post makeup ideas. Do not forget about memes and gifs! They are suitable for any business.

  1.    Create a content plan

If you’ve decided not to hire a specialist for your social media marketing efforts and do it by yourself, get ready to work hard. Social media marketing is not about randomly posted pics and reposts. It’s about creating a content plan that is effective for communicating with your target audience. Long-reads or video content? Give-an-advice section or funny pictures? What do your subscribers prefer? First, analyze their behavior. Then, put together a content development plan. It may be 2 informational post + 1 ad, 1 long read, 3 graphic materials + 2 ads, or something that suits your business. Remember that it is better to create a weekly plan for your SMM.

And do not forget about the tone of voice! The same tone of voice should be used in each post.

  1.    Regularity is your friend

Another important thing about content plans is frequency. How frequently should you post your articles to be heard but not overwhelming? Again, it depends on various factors. Remember that you are not the only page followed by your subscribers. They have a constant flow of updates and new posts. And your aim is to join this flow and stand out among other please-like-it posts. If you have only one post per day, you have a smaller chance of getting likes and visits to your page even when the post is perfectly crafted. More posts allow you to appear several times in this flow. Besides, remember to post them in different times of day. This way, you can expect to get more viewers, and therefore, more visitors.

  1.    Forget about hashtags

According to the statistics provided by the Facebook marketing team, posts with hashtags have less engagement. If you still want to use hashtags, do it wisely. First of all, stop hashtagging everything related or not to the subject of your post or your business. Secondly, create branded hashtags for your own business. Thirdly, be careful not to use too many hashtags in one post.

  1.    Work on optimization

Clever optimization brings impressive results, especially when you use it along with SMM and the ad marketplace. You can customize your page and make your brand work for you. You can even create a new vision of your brand. Optimization requires some time, effort, and resources, and it works perfectly in the Facebook platform.

Keep driving traffic to your page. Lead ads are a good way to increase the number of your followers. You just need to define your target audience. If you still have some problems with that, set your bidding type and work upon the customization of the form fields.

  1.     Create your community

Facebook-Marketing-TipsYour business will never exist without your clients. Always keep that in mind. Facebook is a perfect platform for engaging clients into direct communication with you. However, to make this communication work for your business, you need to invest your efforts into it. To make a communication effective, consider the first 4 tips in this list.

If you just started marketing your business on Facebook, maybe you don’t have many followers yet. Forget about buying followers (although in some cases it may turn into a good venue). Facebook tools allow you to build your community quickly by looking for people who have an interest in your industry or business.

  1.    Incorporate other social networks!

Marketing studies show that Facebook users are loyal to images posted via Instagram. The difference is quite impressive – 23%. So if you don’t have an Instagram account for your business, you should create one and use it for Facebook promotions. Besides, Instagram is just another platform than can enhance your business.

  1.    Use both paid and organic tools

With Facebook, you can always experiment with ways to attract new clients. Paid tools are perfect for a new brand. But if your community is loyal to you, and you have a strong foundation for running a business in a social network, you can use more organic tools. Analyze the behavior of your visitors and use this research to influence  your Facebook activity. If you know your audience, you can work with organic tools.

  1.    Define your objective

Before you start to run your marketing via Facebook, decide what exactly your goals and objectives are.  Perhaps you have several. You need to choose the one which is really important and which makes reaching of all other objectives possible. It is not an easy thing to do. You need to be careful and precise at setting an objective, as it will define your marketing strategy and the way your company is represented in social media.

  1.    Make it simple!

Simplicity is your key to success. Remember, people like easy-reading posts, defined offers and straight-forward guidelines. If you want them to visit your sales page, the click-through URL should lead to that page, not to the main page. If you want them to join your site, the URL should lead to a registration form, not a contact us page.

Be clear with your call to action.  A verb is always better than a noun. If you want your clients to do something, ask them to do it clearly. Do not forget about motivation – it works perfectly for a call to action. Simple is the new black. Use it to make your business work.


This article was originally written by Kevin McNamara for the Heyo blog.


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