How To: Use UGC Content With Permission

consentUsing a branded hashtag can be a great way to boost brand awareness, interact with your audience and acquire content from your followers.  However, since the rise of the hashtag there has been a grey area in how you can obtain approval from the content creator before using their photo or video.

Last fall the New York Times published an article detailing the story of a mother that posted a pic to Instagram of her daughter wearing Crocs sandals.  Crocs liked the image so much they left the mother a comment asking for her permission to use the image in their marketing activities.  The trouble began when they posted the image to a gallery on their website before she responded agreeing to their terms.

So how do you know if and when a user has given your brand consent to use their image?  We recently released our Enable Consent functionality for any UGC promotions that aggregate hashtag content from Twitter and Instagram.  It offers a seamless way to automatically request and confirm consent from from anyone using your hashtag.

The Enable Consent feature is available through our Enterprise Plan.  If you would like to upgrade your existing plan, click here to schedule an appointment with an Account Representative.

View the Enable Consent tutorial here.

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