Increase Your Customer Base Using Social Promotions

There are a variety of different social promotion types you can use to achieve goals in growing your customer base.  Increasing your mailing list, boosting sales and generating product awareness are all objectives that can that can be met by using the correct promotion.

Let’s take a look at how you can increase your customer base using social promotions:

  1. Viral Sweepstakes – Viral sweepstakes offer the lowest barrier to entry and the highest number of potential entries on the spectrum of social promotions. These two features combined make them a great tool to use in order to increase your customer base. This would be our recommendation for growing your mailing list by including a newsletter opt-in during the registration process.  Fine Woodworking recently launched a Viral Sweepstakes with a newsletter opt-in to commemorate their 40th anniversary.40 Years
  2.  UGC Photo Gallery – Looking to have your existing customers generate awareness about your products through social media?  A UGC Photo Gallery is another example of a social promotion that allows customer to showcase their appreciation for your brand and products.  And when a campaign like this is promoted in the right channels, it’s also a great way to increase your customer base. Biscoff Cookies launches a year long photo gallery for their fans to show their Biscoff moment by sharing photos of them enjoying cookies.  This promotion allows users to upload their photos directly through the Facebook application or via Instagram and Twitter using #MyBiscoffBreak.Biscoff Break
  3. Coupon App – Rewarding your entrants with a coupon or discount is a great way to increase entries for your promotion and sales of your product while also increasing your customer base.  With the Votigo Coupon App, you can supply digital codes or printable coupons.  Nutritional supplement and fitness company Isopure recently launched a photo contest that provided each entrant with a 10% discount code for all purchased made through their website and a chance to win a year supply of their products. Isopure

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