Votigo Integrates Vine

Vine is Twitter’s newest app, allowing fans to record and share six-second long videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Vine.  The time limit encourages users to be creative and to tell a story in only six seconds.  Vine’s looping format can enhance emotion or amplify your message as viewers see the video clip on repeat.

The new video app is a creative way to gather user-generated content.  Vine describes these new video posts as “little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.” These short video clips are a great opportunity for you to find out more about your fans and how they engage with your brand.

Vine recently released a feature that allows users to embed other users’ Vine videos on their own websites and Twitter pages, allowing the videos to be shared with multiple audiences.  This sharing feature is a great way for a company’s marketing message to reach a larger audience.  Vine is an innovative way for fans to become engaged and involved on social media and Votigo sees its amazing potential.

Yum! Brands worked with Votigo to create a promotion that would incorporate Vine as a way to enter and win. Fans can enter KFC’s Li’l Playground Makeover contest for a chance to win a makeover for their local community playground. Fans can tell Yum! Brands why their playground deserves a makeover by entering a photo or short story on Facebook, a video using Twitter/Vine, or an Instagram photo with #KFCPlaygrounds.  Each choice gives users a creative outlet to share their stories via pictures, videos, and text. Yum! Brands encourages fans to share their entries by enabling users to vote on their favorite submissions.

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