SIA Snow Show Recap

The SIA Snow Show was this past weekend at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.  The weekend long event gathered the snow sports industry together in one place to celebrate the newest technologies, innovations, brands, and culture of snow sports.  It was a great space for professionals from the industry to connect, network, engage in brand events and seminars, and learn more about what is happening in the world of snow sports.

Votigo had the pleasure of attending the event this year and in addition to presenting the Bluebird Social Zone – a space for recharging devices and unwinding – Votigo hosted a panel and social media office hours and powered a social media photo contest. The BlueBird Social Zone was a spot for brands to launch their social marketing messages live from the show. Votigo offered a Twitter/Facebook/Mobile photo promotion through a photo booth in the BlueBird Social Zone.  The office hours were a great opportunity to invite any marketing professional to come and share their expertise.  Votigo was happy to take part in the marketing conversation and to be surrounded by so many great brands!

There are many brands in the snow sports industry that are excelling on social media and it was great to see what different brands are doing to engage their audiences.. One snow sport brand that is excelling at social is Patagonia.  Patagonia has done an excellent job spreading their brand message across multiple social media channels.  They understand that their audience is all over social media and they cater to this by offering many different ways to connect and engage with the brand.  Patagonia’s blog The Cleanest Line is one such channel where Patagonia tells its story and connects with fans.  The blog takes it a step further and not only tells their own stories but also tells the stories of their fans.  The blog easily links back to their website and offers easy ways to share the posts across other social media channels.  Patagonia has the wonderful advantage of being part of the snow sports industry where visual images are easy to come by.  The brand uses imagery  to engage and excite consumers and to help tell their story.

Another brand that is using social media to their advantage is GoPro.  GoPro also has the advantage of being image oriented because their products revolve around videos.  GoPro offers fun ways for fans to become engaged with the brand and to follow the stories of their peers with a video and photo of the day.  These videos and photographs are uploaded every day across all of their social media channels showing what their products can do and how other fans are using them.  This is a great way to excite fans and to give a shout out to those fans that are using their products.

The SIA Snow Sports event was a great opportunity for brands to explore what their peers and competitors are doing. It was also an opportunity to learn more about how social media marketing can improve brand awareness and help tell a brand’s story. We can’t wait til next time!


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